The best shea butter is unrefined. I opened the package and could not believe this stuff ever had a pleasant nutty scent. Hi Ana, I am not sure whether Cattier uses refined shea butter, I have looked on their website and they do not specify, they just state that it is organic shea butter. It should be fine to use . Author has 249 answers and 503.7K answer views If you mean turns white as in'white shea' as opposed to yellow Shea butter then this is a misconception. Organic Unrefined Raw AFRICAN IVORY WHITE SHEA BUTTER 1 LB (16 oz) BLOCK Bulk Grade A for Anti Aging, Base for DIY Body Butter, Beauty, Skin Moisturizer & Soap Making(GHANA) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,771 $10.95 $ 10 . Using Mary Tylor Organic, Ivory, Unrefined. Thanks. I recently purchased an unrefined shea butter with five star reviews. Hi Andrea, The root is said to give it more healing benefits. its not ivory and its look turning to yellow or yellow turning to ivory? "Shea butter is good for natural hair. Learn More, For a Weekly Email of Skin Care Tips and a FREE Ebook. 352 reviews. Both butters have great benefits. This type of shea butter offers only skin moisturization. Most people prefer to use the ivory colored whipped shea butter. All I can smell is shea. Please contact me of you need any real fresh shea butter from Ghana ( though I am not a Ghanaian, I have just been leaving there cause of the Shea butter) ??. As for the face cream, I think that sounds like a great recipe! I have done a bit of research and I cant find much about why Shea butter would be darkening your babies skin. Their butter is ivory white, its texture is grainy and its waxy (it is not easily absorved by the skin).. The Best Organic Yellow Shea Butter - The Best Organic Yellow Shea Butter : Over the years, shea butter has gotten a lot of attention because it is commonly infused in skincare products. Hi Andrea! The color doenst matter as much as the process the butter has gone through. Very informative article. Hi Andrea! Shea butter has a very natural variety in its coloring and even texture that doesnt necessarily mean very much about the therapeutic properties of the Shea May not pass through a filtering or meshing system using clays, chemicals or other methods that will reduce the vitamin content or change the butters properties, including altering its scent, texture or color. Very light and fluffy. Hi, Let me know if you have any other questions! Can be filtered, as long as it does not affect the qualities of the raw shea butter. This is the best, it is truly a great product. Or, maybe use 20 % and then make the remaining balance 8 oz as a face cream. Very firm in cold conditions and melts in warm conditions, Loses nutrients during the refinement process, May contain harmful or toxic refining chemicals. Unrefined or raw shea butter is usually more colored than refined shea butters, but the colors can vary. Other oils that are good for dry hair are: sandalwood, ylang-ylang, jasmine, geranium, vetiver, rose, and carrot seed oil. I am concerned because she is 16 and has some issues with Acne. Its hard to explain, because it just doesnt smell natural. The flesh inside the nut is ground down and then roasted, giving shea butter its characteristic smokey smell. The processing involved to refine shea butter may compromise these beneficial properties; added chemicals and fragrance increase the chance of allergies or irritation. If you choose not to get the yellow one, the other one should be an Ivory color. Let me know if you have any other questions! M Then you can test the whipped butter to see if it makes you break out. It has a very unpleasant acidic, chemical smell. I had the same concerns regarding white vs yellow Shea. Shea butter has a color palette that spans different shades of off white depending on the region the Shea trees grew, as well as the specific tree the Shea nuts came from. Some people feel as though yellow shea butter is not real and a completescam. Hi Renee, have you thought of using cocoa butter instead? And there is this yellow with a bit of white. It may come in solid form in different shapes (poured into molds) or in liquid form. We also have an article comparing mango butter to shea butter Mango Butter vs Shea Butter for Skin and Hair. What would you recommend to use as the face cream. Leave any questions or comments down below , Filed Under: Articles, Comparisons Tagged With: shea butter, thrive, Andrea has been blogging about organic and natural skincare for over 5 years and has been practicing her own natural lifestyle for over 20 years. This is an interesting question because shea butter and cocoa butter are very similar. Hello Andrea, Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I am recovering from vitamin A poisoning (from supplements and using a retin-A skin cream) and I will not use it if it has any A. Sometimes shea butter can have a funny smell. The doctor says it is Eczema. If a shea butter is raw or unrefined, it will have its healing properties left intact. I am looking to make an eczema cream for my daughter. Raw shea butter is a popular moisturizer that is used in skin and hair products. I still mixed some with coconut oil and it whipped up great. She could also try aloe vera mixed with a little grapeseed oil if she finds that the shea butter makes her break out. This is Unrefined Shea Butter (also referred as raw shea butter even if technically there is boiling involved to extract the butter). Maybe contact the company you purchased from? This toot has antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties. Lavender, geranium, lemongrass, rosemary, and frankincense essential oils work well with the nutty smell of shea butter. They use it to make natural skin care products and the color is more appealing than the yellow shea butter. Is mango butter beneficial for hair face and skin?.Can you mix Shea with mango butter?. 75% is a pretty significant loss. Using Shea Butter vs Cocoa Butter for Your Hair and Skin. Yellow shea butter uses the root of the Borotutu tree along with shea nuts, And the company say it melts well for soap, lotion and body butter-making too. Look up the blog of Grant Genereux, (Ideas, concepts, and observations). Does Shea Butter Expire Does Shea Butter Expire Are you here because you are concerned that your shea butter may be expired? thanks. Shea butter is famous for dermatological problems, such as eczema and when one has to decide about shea butter vs cocoa butter for stretch marks, shea butter must be used as cocoa butter Does it absorb easily into the skin? Raw, 100% unrefined African shea butter gives your skin the best benefits, not the water based lotions and creams that are chemical laden which provide little benefit. After this process, the butter may be used, or it may be further refined. thanks jason Here below is the www. I think with the shea butter and beeswax, it should have a nice creamy consistency. Hello Linwood, mango butter is excellent for the hair and skin, and mixing it with shea butter is a wonderful way to get the benefits of both kinds of butter. I was thinking 60 % unrefined shea butter, castor oil 10%, beeswax 7%, grapeseed oil 5%, safflower oil 5%, olive oil 5%, avocado oil 5% and unrefined cocoa butter 3%. There is often flecks of impurities within it. Has gone through some sort of process to change its characteristics and odor. No bleaching, deodorizing, oradditivesare used. Does not have the same nutritional value as raw and unrefined shea butter because the refining process destroys some of the nutrients. And how are you using it? Unrefined shea butter is usually whiter I would stop using it if your baby is having that reaction. Yellow shea butter is the natural and unrefined kind whereas white shea butter is the very refined type. So yes, the yellow is more nutrient dense. Either way youll still be getting the same awesome benefits with yellow shea butter, that youd be getting with the ivory. Whats the best mixture of essential oil and Shea butter for dry hair? I prefer using unrefined shea butter. Hi Oceane Thanks for the information! For example a mix of tea trea oil and mint or other to reinforce it action against rashes, acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc. The result is shea butter that has bright yellow color. 1. good day, pls does Shea butter darken skin of babies. It will still moisturize the skin, but it will not have as many antioxidants or minerals left in it. Feels great on the skin. Hy I have been using Shea butter for close to two months now but I have not seen any effect on my skin since then? Lastly, it is possible that the yellow shea butter is not as popular as the ivory colored whipped shea butter. Refined and ultra-refined shea butter can be easier to use, especially when making cosmetic products, but they don't contain the same healing properties. The yellow/orange color from the borututu root is shredded and added to the shea during the boiling process. Raw or unrefined shea butter is usually more colored than refined shea butters, but the colors can vary. I have suffered from 25 years of autoimmune diseases as of a result of too much vitamin A, but after avoiding it for a year and 6 months, I have almost completely healed. The refinement process is a more reliable indicator of nutritional content. This type of shea butter comes in different shades of the off-white color. ( for the yellow one) or rose or sweet orange essential oil on your dry, itching skin, wrinkle and all the various conditions it can treat or just maintain your beautiful skin the way it is ( fair complexion can also add a SPF that works for their skin ). It features a sweet scent, and is ideal for those products where you desire a light tone. Hi Ana not sure if the first message got sent , but a bit confused about white vs yellow shea butter.So is white refined and yellow is not ?? As the yellow shea butter is natural, it has By Eureka C. Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4. White butter is usually made from butter fat, low in carotene, which is yellow in color, and it is fat soluble, where is yellow butter made butter fat which is high in carotene. I hope that helps! For sure, there are many fake shea butters Any ideas? There is an institute in the US that does the testing and grading. Unrefined or raw shea butter is better for treating skin conditions, as all the healing properties are kept intact. Many, if not all of the healing nutrients are lost in the refinement process. The brand you have linked to looks like good quality shea butter. Oh la la la la! Not all companies choose to have their shea butters graded, so not all labels will contain a grade. You can use it for natural hair and skin care purposes and it is NOT refined. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. The only difference in the yellow whipped shea butter is that it gets its color from the borututu tree. Thanks Yellow shea butter is sometimes fortified with the root of a borututu tree whereas no such ingredients are added in white shea butter. Hi Michelle, your shae butter may just be crystallizing. It gain is color from the root of an african tree called Burututu. Typically it has been through at least one filtering or meshing system. TheBorututu treeis located in West Africa. I have heard people refer to it as smelling like a goat pen. *, As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Were you using. He cured himself of head to toe eczema among other things by going on a vitamin A elimination diet. I noticed the one I bought was darkening the skin of my baby so I stopped the use, it has hard texture and in moulded form. This shea, however, also lacks many of the bioactive nutrients (like Vitamins A & E) that raw shea butter has. As it has a more pleasent scent? I would use 12 drops of essential oil per 2 tsp of shea butter for a dilution of 4%. Although, if you have sensitive skin or deal with acne, I would recommend using shea butter over cocoa butter. Hi Frida Thanks for your questions. The texture can vary from firm to a more liquid consistency.,, Mango Butter vs Shea Butter for Skin and Hair. I am aware of the color variants in unrefined shea butter. They may also be uneducated as to how it is made and where it gets its color from, causing people to assume that it is not the real deal. 95 ($0.68/Ounce) Some people have experienced darkening of the skin with shea butter usage. Topical products are also produced with this tree and helps todetoxand healinflammation. Or is it waxy or greasy. Therefore they both have same qualities. From what Ive read (your article and comments) I have concluded that the Shea Butter 100% organic from the brand Cattier is refined.. Am I correct? Pure white shea butter is free of impurities and has a smooth texture. My concern is the scent. As long as the Shea butter is raw and/or minimally processed, it will retain its nutrient value. They have two jars one for 5$ and one for 8$. Hi Andrea ok just was getting a little confused with the refinement side of it etc but have bought his one instead yet too try .